Anonymous asked: Are you planning to make an Arisha? :o

Yess. Definitelyy. :)

This time though, I plan on playing her as much as I did with my Evie.

rustyjar asked: did you ever play gunz the duel?

Nopee, haven’t heard of it. :(

Anonymous asked: do you know the pc on a clean crown staff?

Nopee. I’m terrible with prices. That, and I have no clue what region/server you’re on. :P

I recommend searching through the Marketplace in the Forums to find out the price. 

Anonymous asked: What 80 set would you recommend for a dual Staff/scythe Evie? Or should I have different sets for both or does it not matter..? Hah im such a noob!

Personally, either Classic Black Pearl or Heremon because of the Light Armor pieces meaning you can use Well Balanced and Enthusiastic Enchant Scrolls for that extra balance, crit, attack speed and magic attack. Yay offensive boosts! Do keep in mind that these complete sets alone aren’t fully Light Armor so the enchants won’t work on some of them. 

So, Classic Black Pearl Light armor + Heremon Light armor, a combination of both, creating an all Light armor set might be an option if you’re really wanting to Well-Balance and enchant Enthusiastic on everything (get some sacrifices for the RNG god if that’s what you’re planning to do). You can probably make up for some of the DEF lost through Passion scrolls and DEF infusions on your accessories so you can still have DEF running around as Scythe. 

I don’t think having two different sets is necessary, unless you specifically want a pure defense stacking build (which is not necessary and is more based on preference and perhaps playstyle). In that case, you probably wouldn’t want Well Balanced and Enthusiastic scrolls, and Plate/Heavy would be of choice for you. 

Hopefully that helps. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! I saw your video about flying Evie and "Swimming ai Colhen". I tried but not succeed. When i mana-embered the mana mine won't explode. Could you give me some details plz :(

I’m sorry, that video is pretty old now and that method has been patched. The only way you can make mana mines explode using mana amber is if you duel another Evie and use her mana mines instead. :(

One of the ways you can still swim in Colhen is if the gravity messes up, or you lag ingame super hard that you just naturally break something. :P

Protip: Some of the most bizarre glitches, like shooting out platforms of wood instead of magic arrow, happens because of extreme, extreme lag.

glass-widow asked: Do you know of any chain vella guides...?

I don’t know any good Chain Vella guides off the top of my head, but I found this which may be of use. I haven’t read it, neither do I have a Vella, so I can’t say much about iit. Hopefully it helps though! :P

Anonymous asked: Hey, your images in "Game Typography Challenge" are actually really nice. I was wondering if you had any higher resolution version of them, I'm considering getting one of them printed and using it as a poster :O

Ooh wow, thaanks. :)

Unfortunately I don’t have them in any higher resolution.. :(

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