Anonymous asked: Why did you delete me on skype q.q

Because I have no more Skype.

Anonymous asked: hey!!:>I was super curious about the song you used in "water too op" video >v< if it doesn't trouble you I would LOVE to know what it is:>

I believe it’s one of Vindictus’ PvP background music.

bgm_pvp_01.wav in the Vindictus sound>bgm folder to be exact. :)

Mabinogi Heroes JP | New Inner Armor [x]

"Dying Pre-Conflagration Phase for the Untouchable and Fate Dodger title, only to have someone revive the whole party."
- Vindictus Problems

Mabinogi Heroes | Zecallion Teaser

"Staying up to wait for the release of the new update, only to have Nexon extend it to another few more hours."
- Vindictus Problems

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