hooblah asked: I like the new theme :^)

Why thank youu. :)

xievie asked: Really? I've had some bad experiences with fraps because the videos usually came out with crappy quality.

Yess, FRAPS is the only recording software I use. 

I use it to record videos for Youtube and for the .gifs I makeee.

Try checking out what Video Capture Settings you have, hopefully that’ll help.

New Theme

Check out the new theme installed on my blog and let me know what you think. :)

Tags and pages should now be more easily accessible.

xievie asked: Hey Sani, what things do you use when recording and editing your videos? I was thinking of making some video guides for Vindi and other games because I feel like they would help people out a lot.

For recording videos I use FRAPS, and for editing I use Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 :)

Anonymous asked: Hello Sanitee, why do you think they left out Evie from the Arisha trailer (first comes Vella, Lynn is second and then Fiona) and how does that make you feel?

I’m pretty sure the first model was actually an Evie and that they left out Vella instead. Her face is definitely one of an Evie, since Vella’s face looks more Taylor Swift than anything. The outfit Evie was wearing though was very far from the traditional omgcuteandmagical Evie look, that even I at first glance believed that it was maybe Fiona or Vella.

I feel good that Evie was featured first, Evie Master Race, gogogo.

They probably left out Vella because Arisha secretly is Vella.

Mabinogi Heroes | New Character | Arisha [x]

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Vindictus | Season 2 Episode 4 Teaser | No Gods No Kings [x]

Coming soon this week are two new raid bosses Ulchas and Lavasat, a new AP Shop, the Ping Meter and new summer events as part of the first content update for Episode 4.

Though you can begin collecting the new rare drops, new armor sets, Armageddon and Majesty will not be able to be crafted until the release of Part 2, which is to be expected to arrive next month.  

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